Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Gourmet guards

I've never been able to cook the right amount of food. I have this intrinsic flaw and always, always, always cook way too much.  My mum is the same, so that's where it comes from I suppose.

There are four people that currently benefit from this flaw of mine - Sorie (the generator/maintenance) guy and  the three security guards that protect our house (although to call them 'security guards' and to say that they 'protect' is really stretching the truth because they're asleep most of the time and I'm sure if anything happened they would be the first to bolt, but we have them because everybody has them and if you didn't I'm sure you would be robbed to convince you that you really needed them).  Anyway, they're decent guys.

The dream team: Mohammed, Mohammed, Sorie and Thomas 
Don't you love the pink shirts?

So most days, they eat what we eat - Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Polish, Mexican - you name it, they eat it.  Given that the food in Sierra Leone mainly consists of rice and cassava or potato leaves and some meat if you're lucky - I'm sure it's quite bizarre for them to taste some of the things we dish up for them.  Every time we ask them whether they like it or not - we get the same answer "yes, good" so we're really not sure what they think....   But - the meagre salary of a Sierra Leonean security guard does not stretch very far, so I'm sure they appreciate an extra meal each day.

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