Monday, March 31, 2008

Little bandits and a 1.6 kg lobster for lunch

We went to Franco's yesterday - Sierra Leone's answer to an Italian restaurant. It takes around an hour to drive there from where we are.

If the road was good it would take 20 minutes, but, the road is not good.

A popular activity of 5 - 9 year old Sierra Leonean boys these days seems to be setting up road blocks on the way to the beach in an attempt to swindle some cash. These 'road blocks' are usually made from a single bamboo stick or some grass that's been woven together. I'm not sure who actually does give them money, but I guess some people must otherwise I imagine they would be discouraged pretty quickly if faced with no returns. On the way there we passed five of these set-ups and on the way back the number had increased to seven. While these little kids are not threatening and usually politely clear the way, I have to admit I go to wind up my car window if I see slightly older (teenage) boys hanging around these road blocks and can't help but think of all the child soldiers who were forced to take up arms during this country's horrific conflict.

At Franco's we had a 1.6 kg grilled lobster, grilled barracuda and a just ok bottle of white wine. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday thanks very much.


Anonymous said...

umm lobster looks yummy...

Anonymous said...

yes I agree that lobster looks delicious!