Thursday, March 6, 2008


I have to admit I've been struggling to write anything about food since arriving in Cairo. The food here has left me completely underwhelmed. Not that it's been bad, it's just been ordinary. Although last night we had pretty good Chinese food (I know what you're thinking - Chinese food in Egypt - are you crazy? You should be eating good Egyptian food!). Thing is that when you live in a place like Freetown you have cravings - for all sorts of food - so any time we go on holidays we have certain needs. Last night it was Chinese. The food was delicious, we had an amazing view of the river Nile and a wonderful Balinese waitress!

On the other hand - Cairo is an amazing city - some highlights of the trip so far for me have included the Egyptian museum. I'm not really one for spending days in museums when visiting new countries, but this one is really something. I paid for a guide - all the guides have finished a degree at Cairo university in Egyptology and really know their stuff - it was fascinating. I also visited Islamic Cairo and Coptic Cairo - did you know that Coptic Christians fast for 200 days out of the year?
I've also been hassled by sleazy Egyptian guys who have been trying to sell me total fucking crap. If someone tries to take me to another gold, papyrus or perfume shop I think I'm going to get violent. I've been exploring on my own as Toshi has been working so am really looking forward to him finishing (today is his last day) and hopefully the harassment will decrease when I'm with him. Off to see the pyramids tomorrow.

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