Friday, December 12, 2008

Gourmet under siege

Few with access to mainstream media would not have heard about the political turmoil taking place in Thailand the last few weeks. Well, it's been a lot longer than that, but recent events made it to the top of the international news agenda. Anti-government protesters occupied Bangkok's two main international airports, stranding between two and three hundred thousand passengers.

As I am working in Bangkok for the next couple of months, Toshi was visiting me. His flights, like so many others were canceled and he stayed a whole extra week. I was very happy of course, although I'm not sure his boss back in Sierra Leone shared my sentiment.

Needless to say, there are much, much worse places to get stuck and we sampled some of what Bangkok has to offer.

Some of Bangkok's fantastic street food

Really good, but really expensive steak at Prime steakhouse

Really good ramen at one of the hundred's of Japanese restaurants in Bangkok

All topped off by a foot massage

I've found a cute little apartment, which is relatively close to the office and I can avoid the nasty Bangkok traffic by getting the river boat and then walking or grabbing a tuk-tuk if feeling lazy.

I've still got loads to write about from the last Japan trip, and then there is this 'cleansing' programme I've been on, maybe I'll tell you about that next.

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Rosie Ollier said...

ah, so glad youre back!

shrimp heads. hmm.